Monday, 14 November 2011

Pioneer Games

From the 26th to the 30th of October, I had the immense pleasure of attending the East African Pioneers Conference, bringing together 250 of the wildest, party-hardy AIESECers across Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. Five days of leadership, AIESEC training, dancing, waragi...then some waragi-induced-dancing. 
"one region, one vision"
The conference opened with 'Global Village', where each attending country had a table to showcase any cool cultural artifacts/food/clothes, etc. Since I neglected to bring maple syrup or poutine with me to Africa, I decided to show off my new Ugandan persona, and so I donned an authentic Ugandan shanana.  Much to my disappointment, everyone just assumed it was a sari. After some time I grew tired of correcting everyone and just let them take their pictures with the girl from India.  

Another failed attempt at fitting in.
Had the honour of being nominated for East African Queen at the banquet on the last night. The winning Queen had to perform a bendover-esque lapdance on stage for the winning King (have never been so relieved to be on the losing side).
Wrong arm Ru. Obviously lacking the Prom Queen essentials of poise and grace.

The anthem of the conference, listen and fall in love:
Play this upon my return to Canada and you'll be treated to 4 minutes of intricately choreographed pure gold.


  1. LOL a lapdance?! I know you can bust a move girl =)

  2. I'm sari that everyone mistook your traditional Ugandan outfit for a Sari!!! Haha.