Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Good Morning Colombo!

Sun set at the Ocean's Edge Villa
Sri Lanka has over the past couple of decades, endured its fair share of hardship -a debilitating Tsunami that killed close to 500,000 and a 26 year long civil war that only just came to a close in 2009- and yet there is abundant beauty absolutely everywhere: in the people, the incredibly lush landscapes, and the hundreds of immaculately detailed temples dotting every hill. I’m in love.
Dhambulla Cave Temple
My cousin moved out here a couple years ago, so for Christmas my Mum, cousins and I decided to all fly out to check out her new digs. After a couple days in Colombo, we all drove to the coast and rang in 2012 in a fantastic villa on the beach. My Mom and I are now exploring the country a bit on our own, covering the central and eastern provinces. 
Among many things, I’d say that Sri Lanka is best known for its tea, elephants, and the KING COCONUT. Thus far, we’ve done a pretty good job of covering all the bases; at the Glenloch Tea Factory we learnt how tea is grown and produced, I rode an elephant at the Millennium Foundation Elephant Sanctuary, and over the past ten days I’ve eaten enough coconut to make a lifetime supply of macaroons. 
Big, beautiful, (hairy) Bandara
Mum, being taught the basics of tea production
by a leading industry professional!


  1. sri lanka looks and sounds amazing! I am so so so jealous of your travls!

  2. Are we talking about big, hairy Banderas's? Cuz I'll take an Antonio any day ;) lol. Say Hi to Fawzia for me!