Monday, 10 October 2011

Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Andy, proud father of Muzungu the Chicken.
The chemistry between these two is undeniable.
You may have been Andy's chicken, but I loved you like you were my own (and since I named you, I like to believe that you loved me more than you loved him). You were a strong chicken, a beautiful chicken, and though you bore us no eggs to eat, we appreciated that you were a modest chicken, needing not to noisily announce your presence each morning like the rooster a couple houses down. May you seek greener pastures in chicken heaven. You will not be forgotten.
Muzungu: the Swahili word for white folk
Translated literally means "confused person wandering about". This suited Muzungu to a T. The pictures documenting the killing/cooking/eating of Muzungu have been tastefully kept out of this blog.