Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Work Dayz

After a bit of a rocky, anxiety-ridden start, my internship situation has finally been sorted out and I’m now working a steady 9-5. I’m proudly interning at TEENS Uganda, a pretty sweet organization that deals primarily with youth advocacy and health. They run a Teen Health centre in Kawaala (a tiny suburb of Kampala) on top of spearheading conferences and ‘Think-Tanks’ to encourage youth participation in politics and social change. My internship deals mostly with planning and policy, so I develop proposals and concept notes for whatever initiatives the organization requires funding or partnership with other NGOs.
Working hard...hardly working?
My colleague, Notorious P.I.G.
 My first office job. This is not exactly how I imagined my first office though. The wall is spotted with what look scarily like bullet holes, and adjacent to our room is a pig pen housing a very chatty, very pregnant pig. I am however, thoroughly enjoying myself and learning a lot about how African NGOs function. 

This sure beats our Grade 2  Butterfly Unit
Occasionally I accompany the team at the Youth Center on their community outreach  programs to local schools where they give talks about safe sex, HIV/AIDS, hygiene, etc. I'll probably stop doing this, since instead of listening how to use a condom/bathe daily, the kids just end up staring at me and laughing...probably wondering what the Muzungu is doing here, and why she's taking pictures of the cockroach poster.

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