Monday, 6 February 2012

Sippin' on Paradise

exceptionally sweaty
Ventured to Sipi Falls last weekend, the set of three spectacular waterfalls at the foot of Mount Elgon. It took about five hours (and a delightful slue of near-death slip n’ slides) to hike to all three falls, but the effort was well worth it (the pictures tell it all). 

 In addition to the falls, we also took a tour of a local coffee plantation and learnt just how much work goes into the production of a quality cup of joe. We picked, husked, roasted, and ground the beans, all by hand, and in the end were able to drink the fruits of our labour. Considering I only ever drink the stuff when I'm hungover or in the thick of exam season, I can genuinely say that I've never tasted a better brew. Look out Starbucks, I now know all your secrets. 
A coffee bean; freshly picked and peeled. Yum.

Beans are dried, then ground to remove the husks.

Beans are roasted over a charcoal pit stove, cooled and ground again, boiled with water, then voila: liquid gold!
On this trip I was also introduced to the game Mafia, and discovered that under the scrutiny of a mob of townspeople, I am a horrible horrible liar.

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