Saturday, 18 February 2012

So long, farewell...

My last stretch in (Ru)ganda was full to the brim with fabulousness. Two weeks ago, a group of interns and I took a bumpy 8 hour bus ride to the western edge of Uganda to stay on the shores of Lake Bunyoni, which true to its reputation as the ‘honeymoon hot-spot of Uganda’, was spectacular.  A Canadian, Brazilian, 2 Dutch, 2 Japanese, and 3 Chinese kids canoed, swam and dived from a tree-top (enema-inducing) diving board into the deepest, and arguably the most beautiful lake in Uganda. 

Hello paradise!
note: canoeing is NOT as easy as it looks in the movies.
The last week at the office was bittersweet. Some difficult goodbyes to be said, but I finally got to do some of the fun things that I’ve been putting off over my five months here: I taught the teens how to tie-dye, they in return taught me how to make traditional Ugandan paper beads, and since TEENS Uganda operates an AIDS clinic, I thought it appropriate to get myself tested for HIV*. 
TEENS Uganda: home of Uganda's wildest.
The next weekend I decided to up the adrenaline factor, and went white water rafting on the Nile in Jinja, which boasts some of the best WWRafting in the world. I’ve never been so terrified and at the same time so exhilarated in my life.  Being thrown out of the raft five times on class five rapids in croc-infested waters was just the thrill I needed to honour my last weekend in Uganda.
You will be sincerely missed, my matooke-ridden nation.

*Negative. Thought I’d leave you hanging there.


  1. You had me worried for a moment there, my dear!

    ...Aufwiedersehen, goodbye :)

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