Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Food Chain

Oh the places this phone has been. Sweden, France, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Croatia, Russia...and yet never has it brought me as much shame and ridicule as it has here in Africa. Peter, who picked me up from the airport, took one look at it and exclaimed in utter disgust, "THAT'S your phone!?"
Tom, my roommate (and President of AIESEC Kyambogo) reminds me often that here in Uganda, your phone is a direct refection of how cool/smart/suave you are, which pretty much puts me at the bottom of the food chain. For the sake of using a safari metaphor, I am the impala. And the lion has a Blackberry.

Note: This is the phone I used while on exchange in Europe. The logical thing would be to just get my Canadian phone unlocked over here since I've discovered it can be done just as easily as it is to have a fake birth certificate or uni diploma forged. However, on my plane ride over, it mysteriously started ringing inside my bag and I was petrified of being thrown out of the aircraft for breaking the cardinal rule of turning it off upon boarding. SO, I scrambled inside my bag, pulled out the battery, and threw it somewhere. Somewhere not in my bag. Now my battery is traveling the world upon the floor of a Boeing 747.

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