Monday, 26 September 2011

A humble abode.

This is Collins standing in front of our house. He requested that I add (for all you single ladies out there) that he is not as dwarf-like as this picture may make him appear. 
Our house is fairly new (construction finished only a couple months ago) and is located in Banda, a slum just outside of Kyambogo University. We're on the top of a big hill so when it rains, the little paths that trickle down to the main road become somewhat of a muddy slip-n-slide.

In Canada, you only have a driveway this long if you're a 'big deal'. To the right of me is a mango tree, which according to one of my housemates, grew simply from someone tossing a mango pit on the ground. The country is blessed with a rich red airborne dust that makes the ground and soil incredibly fertile.
This is my bunk, please excuse the mess. Since there are no other interns in need of a bed at the moment, I've greedily claimed both top and bottom bunks for myself. When hung properly, the mosquito nets look quite pretty. I however, had to be creative due to the bunk situation, and now it looks like some kind of quarantine unit. Cozy nonetheless. 
I live with one girl and five guys, which means that no matter how diligent we are, the kitchen always looks like a sty. We cook on the little gas stove in the corner and typical to Ugandan culture, whatever you're cooking should be enough to feed everyone in the house. This works out quite well because since we have no fridge, leftovers aren't a possibility.

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  1. No fridge? No leftovers? NOOOOO.... I worry about this!

    Your Western secret admirer xoxo

    PS. Keep the posts coming! I love 'em like toe jam on toast ;)